THE Paavo Seminar

One of a kind educational programs for you, the motivated middle or high school coach, illustrating real life proven philosophies and specific programs as taught in the Paavo Camps and Clinics/Seminars/Workshops for over 46 years.

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Continued Resources

Written and digital materials to build upon what you received in your coaching seminar.

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Support Forums

After a seminar, you can join a social media group to discuss experiences and applications of what you learned with other Paavo connected coaches and special guests from across the U.S.

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It's About You, the Motivated Coach...

...who wants to become better to be the best, and to teach your runners the same.  The time-proven Paavo philosophies and coaching methods used by high school and middle school programs since 1971, are still up and (pardon the pun) running.

Two times each year, Coach Sellers takes "Paavo on the Road" to a central U.S. location near you, so you can spend 1-2 days in intensive, thought-provoking, and serious learning under the leadership of experienced and field tested Paavo coaches.

Paavo Seminars began as a pairing to the longtime Paavo Wilderness Running Camps that took place for 44 years in National & State parks and beautiful, out of the way locations throughout the country; where running was the entire focus for days or weeks at a time.  At each of the 6-7 camps each summer, runners of all levels and from all walks of life were taught how to collect and assimilate training and racing data for use in determining and implementing their further training and racing.

"Training yields Racing yields Training" was the basis of the camps and Key to application of the Paavo Philosophy.  Seminars brought the philosophy home to the coaches, so they could work alongside their Paavo runners.

While the Camps have retired, Coach Sellers most certainly has NOT.  He's at the ready to demonstrate the "Capillary Dance", "Tales from a non-runner," and all the acronyms you could want as he teaches, you, the Motivated Coach,

"How to Get a Rock to Run".



To do right now!

2017 Seminars just ended, but you can get into a discussion forum with experienced Coaches on our "Paavo Seminars" Facebook Page.  Contact Coach Sellers personally through this website, Facebook, or send an email to find out when the next group is forming.  We look forward to meeting you (or greeting you again)!