Finish Lines are Anywhere – Re-post from Coach Sellers March 2015

The Sandhills of Nebraska seemed like mountains when run repeatedly. A line drawn on the road was all these motivated runners needed to inspire them to complete their goals.

Some Real Paavo

The Nebraska Sandhill Climb from the Paavo West Camps is a real personification of the spirit of what Paavo is all about. We continue to do things others don’t, won’t, or can’t. Yes, it goes beyond the competitive run it has been for so many. There were many championship runners crossing that finish line at the top of that hill out in the far reaches of cornfields in Nebraska. What did our staff and I see?
• Motivated runners who enlarged their training at the top of the hill.
• Challenge was the key word and the theme of the run as it laid the foundation for the rest of the runs on the camp.
• The real thrust though was the acceleration of character development with each trip up that hill. It tested character. It revealed character. Yes, it added to the development of character.
• AND THE REAL ISSUE IS: Anyone who views the pictures, views the records, and takes some of views of the runners on the hill, can sense one does not have to run the hill in Nebraska to churn out the Spartan attitude and commitment. It is what we do and others can do with the Paavo key experience. It is that simple.

The Paavo Transfer

One can apply all the lessons the Sandhills taught. I say often with meaning: “I have tried to teach life as it is, can be, and should be.” Everyone of those steps on each of those climbs on that hill did that. It taught with heavy breathing, discomfort, and sweat. If you are a Paavonian reading this and more so after looking at the Facebook posts, you continue to reach out in life with the recall of all the hills completed.

Some more on the transfer as you make decisions in moving forward in living.
• When the going gets tough, the tough produce.
• Extra effort still is a huge key to success.
• Nothing is successful until it is completed.
• Talk is not the training to getting to finish lines.

So it is with these words Did the Sandhills test your character? Did the Sandhills prepare you for higher training levels? Did the Sandhills become a memory in any decisions you now make? And do you remember the other runners on that hill that also brought the spirit to the finish line?

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Noble is what the hill is. Noble is what you did at the top of that hill.

“Take this, lean it, use it, and live it.”
Coach Sellers, Paavos

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