It’s about YOU – Re-post from Coach Sellers April 2015

You may not be the prettiest, and you may not even be in the front of the pack, but YOU have something unique, special, and meaningful to give and to get out of any experience. The Paavo camps were an opportunity for runners to test their strength. The Paavo seminars are the way for you to bravely help others find their courage too. (Shakamak Camp Runner 2013)

“No One Is Born With Talent Nor Knowledge”

The shift is in progress with this message to you. You, AS IN YOU, is the key word on all the future messages from this site. The future belongs to you as you blend what we give with the Paavo Philosophy, the Paavo Process, an Athletic Education, and a little Adult Orientation along the way. It is not a complicated endeavor unless you fail to act on what is given here. The Paavonian Spirit is the steering wheel.

First, it is your strength as an individual that will determine your destiny. Pursuing your destiny is not a group project.

Second, let us see your work ethic. Again reach for your future by working to the future.

Third, use #1 and #2. Break out, work hard with a constancy of purpose, and find the results you are making.

Now, a personal note from Coach Sellers:

“The lesson is this: I started as a teacher and coach with two real deep driving obsessions with:

*** I did not want any person I taught or coached to look back with regret when leaving high school.
*** I wanted every person I taught or coached to strive to be the very best at what they do before leaving high school.
What I am saying here is this to you. Cherish the gift just given to you as much as I have over the years as a teacher, coach, leader, and parent. Grab this with no regrets and with the sincere desire to become better at what you do.

One more thought to carry from this “Paavo Read” is again, “
Everyone is an original. No one is born with talent or knowledge. Don’t ever assume that, for if you do, you have immediately lost sight of yourself…..and then will never see others who are like this. Place the philosophy, implement the process from the philosophy, and then let the original YOU emerge. Then you will know what the word, original, really means.”

Coach Sellers
“Extra effort is good.”

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