Lessons from the Road – Re-post from Coach Sellers February 2017

Preparation for a Paavo Camp began the minute a Camp ended. Months and man hours of planning and preparation kept the Campers safe, well fed, strong, and learning. So it is with Paavo Seminars – as soon as one ends, the next one begins with lessons learned, input from attendees, and inspiration from the world as we interact with real people in real places

This is a blog, Paavo Style….simple as simple is…..not fancy ……and amplified to use

Yep, done on the road in an important somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It seems that is part of the philosophy…going where others don’t, and doing things others don’t.

Two big landmarks of teaching to coach.

“Never say anything unless you attach a lesson to it.”
“Never say anything important without it being written down; and never hand out anything without writing something important on it”

Coach Sellers, on the move in East Texas

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