The Basics – Re-post from Coach Sellers February 2016

2011 Paavo Seminar taught Teachers to Teach and Coaches to Coach

From the Bunkhouse in the Shadows of the Beartooths and Dead Indian.

The commonality of basics and fundamentals transcends all venues and endeavors. In a recent conversation with coaches at the coaching seminars and five educators in East Texas, it continues to be evident how basics are basics in all we do. We are all teachers. Teaching is teaching. Where does it show up? Throw in the following thoughts, and the simple answers will surface.
With Coaching, where does training show-up in racing (Splits)?
Where does teaching show-up in learning?
Where does parenting show-up in the growth of children?
And where does leadership show-up with those you work with?
Fundamentals are the same in all the above.

It is good to spread this kind of infection so some exactness in basics spreads.
Coach Sellers, Paavos

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