The Paavos

Paavo Nurmi was a Finnish Olympic gold medalist who trained in a way considered "unorthodox" for his time - he "just ran" using Key Experiences as guideposts for training and racing.

Embracing Nurmi's philosophy, embracing his individualism, and carrying on his name and legacy, for over 46 years Paavo Running Camps, Clinics, & Seminars have been helping the Individual to "Become better to be the Best".

Led by Paavo Founder and Director, and designed so that coaches could "back up" what their runners were learning on the camps, the Seminars have evolved into 2-days of intense training for today's motivated coaches who want to learn how to "get a rock to run".

Key Paavonians

Paavo connected people are not limited to coaches and runners, but to all who embrace the spirit of Individualism, and want to work hard, learn from their experiences, and become better to become the best.  Staff and administrators carry on the philosophies and traditions, started with the Wilderness Running Camps in 1971, and continued through the Paavo Seminiars and educational materials today.

marshall sellers 2009 coaching portraits retouched (8)

Marshall Sellers

Founder & Director

A classroom teacher and coach for 46 years before retiring, the Paavos are the brainchild of Coach Sellers.


Suzi Sellers

Marketing Director

Running the "back end" of web, media, & registrations, Coach Mrs. Sellers has over 25 years of coaching & Paavo experience to back up her graphics, business, & marketing skills.


Mike Barnett

Texas Clinic Host

Leading one of the best teams in his state, Coach Castillo has won lifetime achievement awards as an educator & coach, & is a Key Presenter for Indiana based Paavo Seminars.


Moses Castillo

Indiana Clinic Host

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