Paavo has been running camps and/or seminars since 1971, and has a world of experience and knowledge to share with today's coaches and educators.  Expanding on the old "clinic" and "workshop" formats, Coach Sellers has developed two day programs to accommodate those with both extensive work using Paavo programs and philosophies, and are brand new to the system.

What is a Seminar?

A Paavo Seminar is 1-2 intense days of lecture format, one-on-one interpretation, and interaction with experienced coaches in an academic setting, usually a classroom or library at a location central to you; Texas and Indiana at present.

What are the Dates of Seminars?

2017 Paavo Seminars took place in May.  Other years they were the end of January into February.  This is to accommodate a coach's "off season" or "down time" for most states in the US.  Check on here, Facebook, or discussion boards for exact dates, times, & locations through the year.

Who can Come?

Day 1 of a seminar is FREE to all middle or high school distance running coaches who have attended a previous seminar/clinic/workshop in ANY YEAR SINCE THE PAAVOS WERE ESTABLISHED, along with their paid fee to the 2nd day seminar.  Day 2 is for all middle and high school coaches from anywhere in the United States, whether they have Paavo experience or not.

What will I Do there?

Advanced coaches will share actual experiences with Coach Sellers and others to give and receive feedback "from the field" in order to fine tune and perfect their programs and methods.  This is also a fun, social gathering for people of a similar mindset to become better to become the best, and often involves some storytelling, photos, and samples of real life activities.

Coach Sellers brings new information, ideas, and concepts each year to add more dimension and depth to that which is already tested and tried.

May I bring my Assistant?

The one-time low fee is the same for all.  If you are an experienced or Advanced Paavo Coach, your assistant may attend both days, although he/she may be a bit confused if she has no Paavo experience, as the Advanced Clinic precedes the Regular Clinic.  We find, however, that an assistant or friend usually has some idea enough to follow the lessons.

Most certainly ALL are welcome to attend the Regular (Day 2) clinic!

Is Registration Required?

Registration is not required, although it is recommended so enough printed materials are available on Seminar Day for all participants.  Registration is made through this website, or a simple email form Coach Sellers will send you.

You can walk in and pay same day - just arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to fill out some paper work and pay your fee.

How do I Pay?

While we have registration provided through this website, we do not at present take credit cards.  We accept school check, personal checks, cash, or money orders.

How do I get a W9 for my School Office?

Contact Coach Sellers if you are working with purchase orders or require a W9 for your administrative office.  W9's are available at walk-in registration too.