A Lasting Legacy

Paavos Make a Difference

For over 46 years, Paavo Camps and Seminars have been making a difference in the lives of inspired runners and motivated coaches.

Starting with the first Wilderness Running Camps in 1971 and it's "Paavo Nurmi Marathon", and ending in 1913 with an alltime bus-busting attendance at the Run Across Texas, from start to finish, the Paavos have provided Key Experiences from which people have drawn the rest of their lifes.

All of this was Coach Sellers' brainchild stemming from wanting to take his Indiana State Championship team away from the madding crowds and to a place where they could totally focus just on RUNNING.

It ended up years later with Hall of Fame Coaches, Olympians, Collegiate champions, and toooo many team and individual state and national championships by Paavo connected runners and coaches to count.


Paavos Carry On

One... at a Time

One step, one runner, one coach, or one "Great Day";  Paavo is all about the Individual.

The Paavo philosophy continues in those who teach it, live it, and embrace it.  The Seminars are a way to "get it, learn it, and use it"; to get started, or to refresh your energies with like-minded individuals.

Developed as a "cross-reference" between the runners who attended the camps, and their coaches, the Seminars were developed so when the runner went home after a camp, the lessons and training could be continued with the support of their program.

Coaches started to attend BOTH the Camps and Seminars, and eventually, these highly experienced coaches under Coach Sellers' leadership, ran the camps and the Seminars.

At present, it is these Veteran Paavo Coaches with over 150 years of combined hands-on experience, on Camps, that lead the Seminars alongside Coach Sellers to teach today's new and highly motivated coaches the proven, tried, and true Paavo methods of "Training yields Racing yields Training" and the philosophies behind "Getting a Rock to Run"